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"The time has come to pass on my beloved Wraith the Oblivion books. They are all well loved but still very readable. Ive even got a couple hard to find ones included here. They are a lot though....its all or nothing.
Wraith the Oblivion Core Book (not second edition), Players Guide, Shadow Players Guide, Storyteller Screen, Love Beyond Death, The Risen, Mediums, The Quick and the Dead, Sea of Shadows, Charnel Houses of Europe: The Shoah, Dark Reflections Specters, Guildbook Artificers, Guildbook Sandmen, Guildbook Masquers, Guildbook Huanters, Guildbook Pardoners and Puppeteers, Guildbook Spooks and Oracles, Guildbook Book of the Legions, The Heirarchy, Renegades, Dark Kingdom of Jade, Doom Slayers, Haunts, Burried Secrets, Ends of Empire, Wraith the Great War, The Face of Death, Own almost the whole she-bang now.....great game!

Shipping Rate is domestic only. International buyers welcome....but are responsible ofr all shipping costs. "
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