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Wraith Role Playing Community's Journal

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7th October 2008

beyondtheautumn6:38pm: New Wraith?
White wolf dropped a hint of a game called "Geist" which is german for something between spirit and drive or will. Closer to anima.

Who knows what it is exactly. But I can hope.

29th April 2008

acousticdryad8:17pm: Selling off Mint Wraith Books
Selling off my Mint Wraith books. I had bought two sets of books when I heard the series was being discontinued back in the day so that I could use them as contest prizes on De Vita In Excessum. I did give away one set, but this set has been sitting around for a few years now. Figured it's time to go.

15th January 2008

beyondtheautumn6:01pm: The shadow of Wraith
I hate the new world of darkness, cant stand it. But at least they gave us the closest thing we will get to a new Wraith. I picked up "Ghost Stories" and "Book of Spirits" and though it isnt wraith in the thematic sense what wraith was is still there.

14th June 2007

thatseanguy4:51pm: Gameage
Hey! It's been a spell and I've been feeling the Wraith bug again. Does anyone know if there's a game or two out there accepting new characters? Preferably Hierarchy, but I am easy.

Also, for the heck of it: say Wraith got a revision of some kind. NWoD, OWoD, whatever. What would y'all change? Would you keep the three big factions, or assume that Charon's heirs didn't manage to pull the Hierarchy together after all? Would you have splats?

Personaly, I think the most logical way to have splats in Wraith would be by Legion. Just knock off "Legion" for non-Hierarchs(Example: A Renegade who died of pnumonia would be "Gaunt" or "A Gaunt" or what have you, which can just be a cultural thing rather than a formal organization.) , and you have a logical way for Wraiths to divide themselves, by the way they died. At least, it makes more sense to me than trying to use the Guilds, which are cool but kind of feel half-done and too dependent on a single Arcanos to be...broad enough to be a splat, I guess.

14th April 2007

etherlad11:10pm: Charnel Houses: Tenth Anniversary
Today's the tenth anniversary of Charnel Houses of Europe: The Shoah, one of the best RPG books ever. It dealt with very touchy subject matter in a very respectful, appropriate manner. The industry doesn't see many books like this.
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18th March 2007

thebitterguy4:55pm: NYtimes article on Urban memory
This article in the New York Times has a lot in it about the memories of tragedies in New York, which made me think oif Wraith.

It mentions things like Kitty Genovese's murder and the Triangle Shirtwaist company fire, and how they're still rememberd, or not, to this day.

One quote that seems appropriate is this: “It’s the quintessential New York question: As physical places change, what becomes of memory?” said Joshua Brown, a historian and executive director of the American Social History Project at the City University of New York Graduate Center. “Very rarely do people remember the significance of what came before.”

Anyway, the article is very interesting, especially regarding Memoriam and Legacy.

9th December 2006

jl_williams10:22pm: *Bangs Gong for January 2007*
So... someone please tell me you have content.

Because I *probably* will. But I need more. MORE, dammit!

10th October 2006

jl_williams7:08pm: Wraith Project is updated. Go see!

7th October 2006

jl_williams7:47am: Just a quick update.
The update is almost ready. It will be up by the 10th, if there is a God.

I still have room for submissions, if you have things to send me (send them to jl.williams@gmail.com), but the cutoff day is the 8th (tomorrow night).

Man, this one's going to be fun.

26th July 2006

jl_williams8:26pm: Wraith Project Outcry.
People, we do not have enough content to justify an entire issue. My life has been so saturated with activity and chaos lately that I haven't had more than an hour to sit at my computer per week -- so this is partly my fault... but if you've got anything to send in, the deadline has been extended to August 10th.

If you have it, send it.

23rd July 2006

digitaltrowa11:11pm: Every town has their own little ghost stories. These little nuances are what makes our areas a bit more fun and flavourful. I challenge everyone in the group to look into their town's mythos and post a few interesting stories.

I know I should be one of the first to post something, but I still need to do the research myself. I doubt the idea is new, but any new undeath in this place would be a good thing.

11th July 2006

jl_williams10:59pm: *Bangs gong for August*
Okay, everybody. We're really low on content this time around, so please. Send in what you have.

5th June 2006

jl_williams6:46pm: Wraith Project Update
The Wraith Project is up for June!

Come see!

23rd May 2006

_ladyatropos_12:18pm: ebay

"The time has come to pass on my beloved Wraith the Oblivion books. They are all well loved but still very readable. Ive even got a couple hard to find ones included here. They are a lot though....its all or nothing.
Wraith the Oblivion Core Book (not second edition), Players Guide, Shadow Players Guide, Storyteller Screen, Love Beyond Death, The Risen, Mediums, The Quick and the Dead, Sea of Shadows, Charnel Houses of Europe: The Shoah, Dark Reflections Specters, Guildbook Artificers, Guildbook Sandmen, Guildbook Masquers, Guildbook Huanters, Guildbook Pardoners and Puppeteers, Guildbook Spooks and Oracles, Guildbook Book of the Legions, The Heirarchy, Renegades, Dark Kingdom of Jade, Doom Slayers, Haunts, Burried Secrets, Ends of Empire, Wraith the Great War, The Face of Death, Own almost the whole she-bang now.....great game!

Shipping Rate is domestic only. International buyers welcome....but are responsible ofr all shipping costs. "

6th May 2006

tylorva12:20pm: Much Wraithy Goodness!
I'm back at online chat roleplaying. And much to my utter delight, there seems to be a resurgence in Wraith games on WoD sites. Hurrah!

So here's some linkage.

I have been playing on Port Lussuria http://wodchat.com/ for the last couple of months. Having much fun with this. Their Wraith game is fairly new, but they have a good ST and an excellent assistant ST. The Wraith setting is fairly traditional, no 6th Maelstrom, so the Hierarchy are out in force. The game allows Hierarchy, renegades and heretics. There are also a bunch of PC Giovanni vamps and mortal mediums for wraiths to have fun with. Good stuff, well recommended.

I've now discovered that Digital Dreaming http://seattle.digitaldreaming.net/index.php have now started to offer Wraith as well. They are a fairly long established site, but the Wraith game is completely new for them. I've just registered, so we'll see how it goes. :-)

Now I just need to find a site that wants a Wraith ST so I can flex my GMing skillz again! Rawr!

(Cross-posted to tylorva)
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2nd May 2006

jl_williams9:39pm: Wraith Project Announcement
Okay, everybody! Send in your goodies! You have 15 days!



28th April 2006

jl_williams8:46pm: Wraith Project Announcement
Okay, everybody. If you look at the Articles page of the Project, you'll see that every issue starting in June will have a theme. This issue's theme happens to be Orpheus.

The Wraith Project doesn't have nearly enough Orpheus material, so this time around, I'd like it if everyone could submit something in that vein. Sample Missions, Horrors, characters, new Laments & Shades, maybe some new Spectres, or artwork even...

...because dammit, we like Orpheus too. :)

So, who's interested in doing something?

I know *I* willl probably send in a thing or two. How about you?

5th April 2006

_ladyatropos_4:14pm: I just received this in my email....
I just received this in my email....

http://www.Pissedoffgamers.com is hosting a logo contest with prizes - PoG is a site dedicated to ranting, reviewing, homebrewed rules, fan fiction, and the discussion of online World of Darkness gaming.....its like a "Bad RPers Suck" but for WoD and on its own website. Sorry if sharing the contest offends anyone....but they are kindred spirits....and well..I like having a chance at free goodies.

Here's the contest info...

PoG needs a logo for its forum. We know there are many talented graphic artists out there, and photoshop gurus. WE NEED YOUR HELP!

The graphic needs to be on theme with PoG, and include the text "PoG" or "PissedOffGamers.com", the rest is up to you. PoG staff may not enter this contest. PoG forum members only the only persons eligable.

*Graphic used on PoG
*In support of the logo redesign contest, White-Wolf will offer one
limited edition Jasara print to the contest winner.
*Custom PoG forum title of winners choice

Contest forum at: http://pissedoffgamers.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=81
jedwardtremlett9:25am: Wraith Project - April 2005 Update!
No fooling! It's the April 2005 update of the Wraith Project - now with a new look thanks to our new Webmaster

comes complete with:

* Updates to Wraith: the Beckoning and Spectres Revised
* Victorian Age Wraith and Necropolis London - now in PDF
* Necropolis: South Park and new Orpheus Spectres

All that and continuing fiction, art, resources and other goodies.

Come see what you've missed


20th March 2006

_ladyatropos_9:01pm: Wraith Game Online
Are you looking for a World of Darkness vampire / mortal / wraith / kindred of the east game ?

Port lussuria is an internet based moderated world of darkness game that is ran live 24/7 in a chat and forum setting!

Game Site: http://www.wodchat.com
Games offered: 3rd edition vampire, 2nd ed wraith, mortal, and KoTE
Times: Live 24/7
Moderation: STs and Players run SLs, Sts approve of character sheets and manage fair exp spending

15th March 2006

jl_williams7:29pm: *Bangs gong for April!!*
Huzzah! My first time banging the gong!
Yes, it’s early. I wanted to give everyone lots of time, and I have 9 slots to fill, so send them in.
Cut off date is March 25, so you have 10 days.
Just so I know what to expect, is everyone submitting something? Who's not, and if not, what's the holdup? :)

[EDIT: Please send all submissions to jl.williams@gmail.com until further notice.]

4th March 2006

jedwardtremlett10:17am: Wraith Project/ One Steps Down, One Steps Up
A couple months ago, I told the faithful readers of The Wraith Project that "big changes" were in the offing... soon. A couple of false starts and whoopsies later, I'm happy to say that those changes are on their way.

The first change is that my term as Webmaster of the Project has ended. After almost five years in the iron throne, I am stepping down and handing the keys to another.

Why? Well, it's time, and I mean that both figuratively and literally.

On the literal side, I need to put my creative juices to other uses. Being the Webmaster on top of a 40-hour work week is less of a joy and more of a nagging distraction, these days. I still love Wraith: the Oblivion as much as I ever did, but even restless ghosts need to eat, sleep and practice polyamory once in a while.

(That and, while I hate to sound so horribly unromatic, I'm finding that I get more of a thrill getting paid for my writing endeavors than seeing the Project's site count jump like a psychotic flea on speed around the 5th of every other month. Mammon is a cold lover and a harsh taskmaster, but sometimes she really is the only game in town - especially when the bill collectors bang on your Haunt...)

And as for literally... time has come, in many senses of the word.

When I joined up with the Project, it was still finding its feet and deciding which way it wanted to go. I helped shepherd it through that uncertain period, and get it moving in a forward direction, rather than around and around in ever-looser circles. And once the momentum started to build, it kept going, and eventually achieved the speed where it is today.

What speed are we today? The Wraith Project stands as both THE premier fansite for Wraith: the Oblivion, and the only member of the "old guard" WOD sites that has maintained a near-constant publishing presence. Those are two things I'm damned proud of, right there, and I think I can hang up my helmet knowing that we've all done good by our dark muse.

There's also the matter of having gotten what we wanted - sort of.

Implicit in the early days of The Wraith Project was our burning desire to see Wraith: the Oblivion taken out of "development hiatus" and brought back as a full, viable game once more. This obviously did not happen: the complete and total end of the Old WOD broke that hope like shoddy soulsteel in the mouth of the Void. Wraith was gone, daddy, gone - right along with everyone else.

And yet, we got some of the highly-demanded books of the line republished.

We also got ALL the books republished as PDFs over at DrivethruRPG, which means that new fans don't have to play Bargain Bookstore Bingo to score some much-needed Wraith loving.

We also got one hell of a complement through Exalted's The Abyssals and The Book of Bone and Ebony, didn't we?

And damn if Orpheus isn't an amazing game: building on what remained of Wraith, and taking it up to a whole new level of spooky fun.

At this point, it doesn't look like the New WOD is going to have an official, Wraith/Ghost game. That's a shame, but highly understandable, given what happened with Wraith. However, between PDFs, Orpheus, and Abyssals, old and new fans have more than enough goodies to base our Chronicles from.

And while that might not be as sweet as having had the line restarted, then or now, or finally getting all those Old WOD books we should have had done, it's still pretty sweet if you ask me.

So, having achieved both things I've set out to do, and realizing there's not much else I can do but keep the wheel turning, I have decided to hand over the helm, keys and throne to another.

The new Webmaster is the one and only jl_williams (jl.williams@FUCKSPAM!gmail.com): author of such fine works as Husk, Guildbook: Symphonists and the Revised Guildbooks for Sandmen and Spooks. I couldn't think of a better pair of hands to give the Project over to, and I can't wait until you see the improvements he's working on - especially the new layout...

But have no fear! I will still be writing and arting (?) for The Wraith Project. I will still be amongst its Deathlords, and around in the fan community. And I will still be taking game-killers of our dark fun out behind the forges and spanking them with a stygian steel girder when they come to pee on our beloved game. "Only the landscape(r) has changed..."

JL will bang the gong for the new issue fairly soon. In the meantime - and ever after - please send all submissions to jl.williams@FUCKSPAM!gmail.com.

THANKS TO: the original Deathlords for offering me a spot at the table, keeping it open for me, and listening to my insane proposals; all the Developers and Writers for the love and occasional pro-bono work; and everyone who ever clicked by, read feverishly, contributed once or often, and offered constructive criticism during my tenure.

You all rock, and I'm happy to be rocking with you.

J. Edward Tremlett
"The Renegade Lord"

6th February 2006

jedwardtremlett8:08am: Wraith Project - Feb 2006 Update!

Just in time for Black Tuesday, it's the February issue of the Wraith Project!


* Updates to Wraith: the Beckoning and Spectres Revised!
* Orpheus Spectres and love gone wrong!
* Plus fiction, Art, Reviews...

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