Sean (thatseanguy) wrote in wraith_rpg,


Hey! It's been a spell and I've been feeling the Wraith bug again. Does anyone know if there's a game or two out there accepting new characters? Preferably Hierarchy, but I am easy.

Also, for the heck of it: say Wraith got a revision of some kind. NWoD, OWoD, whatever. What would y'all change? Would you keep the three big factions, or assume that Charon's heirs didn't manage to pull the Hierarchy together after all? Would you have splats?

Personaly, I think the most logical way to have splats in Wraith would be by Legion. Just knock off "Legion" for non-Hierarchs(Example: A Renegade who died of pnumonia would be "Gaunt" or "A Gaunt" or what have you, which can just be a cultural thing rather than a formal organization.) , and you have a logical way for Wraiths to divide themselves, by the way they died. At least, it makes more sense to me than trying to use the Guilds, which are cool but kind of feel half-done and too dependent on a single Arcanos to be...broad enough to be a splat, I guess.
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